Etoy Ridgnal
President, Community Advocacy Partners/ Co-Founder, The Dream Makers Fund
Topic: African American Wisdom as Healing Community for our Youth

Etoy Ridgnal is a lover of life, a mother, a child of the world and a firm believer in the power of humanity to tap into its’ full power and manifest the world it wants to live in. She is also the President of Community Advocacy Partners, a social impact agency that creates social action campaigns that enlighten, engage and uplift communities; and the Co-Founder of the Dream Makers Fund, a non-profit organization that envisions a world where everyone is fully living into their purpose and operating at their highest and best potential – a world of conscious creators who inspire a fundamental shift in our collective consciousness. We center this work on youth and families from our most vulnerable populations, assisting them in developing a life path that is the fulfillment of their highest possibility.