Arisika Razak
Associate Professor; RN; NM; MPH
Topic: African American Wisdom Traditions: Holistic, Resilient, and Embodied Worldviews

Arisika Razak, RN, NM, MPH is an Associate Professor of Women’s Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), where she previously served as Director of Diversity, and Women’s Spirituality Program Chair. Her academic work integrates Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies and Women’s Spirituality, and she served as an inner city midwife for over twenty years. Arisika has led spiritual and healing workshops for African American women and women of color for over 30 years; for the last decade she has taught beings of all genders at Buddhist retreat centers. A participant in numerous civil and human rights struggles, Arisika has contributed to the development of holistic anti-racist practices and pedagogies, and has served as a facilitator for groups in conflict. She has performed as a spiritual dancer nationally and internationally, integrating earth based spiritualities, women’s health and healing, and local and global liberation struggles. Her film credits include: Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth showcasing the life of Alice Walker; Fire Eyes the first full length feature film by an African woman to explore the issue of female genital cutting; and Who Lives Who Dies a PBS special on health care services to marginalized populations.